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Bob's Racing History

 Victorious 57 at Cotati - Getting Ready for the Ride Home

Trophies, Programs, and Scoresheets

Bob said that he ran his 57 Corvette in about 50 races from 1967 to 1972. Bob's 57 Corvette was out-muscled in most pof these races. Nevertheless, Bob was a good racer and his old 57 Corvette was fast. It's hard to believe, but driving a 15 year old Corvette, Bob finished 6th in National Points in the SCCA Northern Pacific Division - B Production Races in 1972. Bob raced Stingrays, Mustangs, some Cobras, Jags, etc. Bob also raced against some very talented drivers, including Dick Guldstrand and Paul Reinhart.

The posted below reflects only a portion of #43's race history. Interestingly, if you look at the scoresheets, you will see that Bob's fastest lap time many times exceeded the fastest lap times posted by the Stingrays and even Cobras. Bob said that his car was a crowd favorite, given how old it was while still being competitive with much newer cars. An article in the SCCA national publication "Sports Car" bears this out - saying that Bob's car was a crowd favorite at a Laguna Seca race in 1972.

Here is the known race history:

Willow Springs March 1967

Program Entry Form Dash Plaque
Willow Springs Race #1 3rd in B Production Willow Springs Race #2

Cotati April 1967

Progra,m Scoresheet Lap Times

Laguna Seca May 1967

Program Scoresheet

Cotati July 1967

Entry Form Race #1 Race #2 Race #3

Santa Barbara October 1967

Santa Barbara Program Santa Barbara Entry

Santa Barbara October 1967

Modesto Program

Laguna October 1967 (Herbie The Love Bug - #43 Movie)

Program Scoresheet

NCCA Funkanna (Not Really A Race) October 1967

Fun - Kanna Trophy 1st Place

Cotati April 1968 (Bob Wins Checkered Flag)

Cotati April 1968 - Dye Wins

Laguna May 1968

Program Scoresheet

Cotati June 1968


Cotati Sept 1968

Second Place BP Class

Laguna Oct 1968


Sears Point Enduro Nov 1968 (Bob Wins Class)

Enduro - Sears Point Nov 1968 (Bob Wins Class)

Laguna May 1969

Third Place - B Production

Sears Point July 1969


Laguna October 1969


Sears Point Nov 1969 (ASR)

Sears Point - A Sports Racing Class

Sears Point Enduro Mid-71

Bob's #43 is the 4th Car in The Line Enduro Race at Laguna Seca - Mid 1971 - Good Paragraph About Bob Nice Plaque for 10th Place

Laguna Nov 1971 (NorCal versus SoCal)

Scoresheet 2nd Place - B Production Race Results

Oly Sprints June 1972

Olympia Sprint Button Great Story About Bob Winning Race

Rose Cup Sept 1972 (Bob's Last Race)

Bob Finished 3rd in B Production - #43 Engine Blew at Finish Line

Final SCCA Results - B Production - National Points - Northern Pacific Division - 1972

If you have any 1967 - 1972 race results reflecting Bob Dye, please drop me a line. I would really like to reflect as many of his races as possible.

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Mill Valley CA
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