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Bob Dye - Driver's School

Bob With Instructor (Buzz Appleree) - Vaca Valley Raceway - Vacaville CA - Early 1967

Setting Up The 57 Corvette To Race

In 1966 Bob decided to race. After considering his options, Bob decided to convert his 57 Corvette into a race car. Bob knew that he would likely be out-muscled on the race track somewhat, but believed that he could be competitive nonetheless.

Bob's 1957 Corvette pre-Race Modifications Dash of 1957 before Race Modifications

Bob added a rollbar to his 57, and dropped a 327 into the car. He put an early FI unit on the car, and added Corvette racing brakes with cooling fins. Bob added air scoops to the rear brakes - he made the scoops out of fiberglass, and modeled them after the scoops Chevy sold for corvette racing brakes. As a rookie driver, nobody complained much about the incorrect 327, but Bob eventually went back to a 283 as he became more serious.

Learning How to Race - Early 1967

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), San Francisco Region, required new drivers to attend two driver's training sessions and two regional races before gaining SCCA certification. Bob did his two training sessions in Vacaville and Cotati. Note that Bob's car wears #66 during his training sessions. I think Bob always raced with #43, however.

Bob on Day 1 at Driver's School


Cotati Early1967 Cotati Early1967

Vaca Valley

Vaca Valley Early 1967 Vaca Valley Early 1967 Vaca Valley Early 1967

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