Bob Dye (1965-1974)
Wilson Swilley (1975-1987)
Frank Buck (1987-1992)
Chip Miller (1992-2000)
Ken Epsman (2000-2007)


Racing Pictures

David Love (Ferrari) leads Bob Dye Thru A Turn - Cotati July 1967

Professional Photographs - 1967 to 1969

Bob gave Wilson Swilley about 40 professionally shot photographs of Bob racing his '57 Corvette. Many of the photographs identify the race track, but are undated. Thus, I will group the photographs by track.


Everything Looks Fine Here.... But Bob Melts The Pistons Because The FI Unit Is Set Too Lean.
Nice early photo of Bob racing before he added more support for the roll bar. But hits the hay bale. Bob adds more support to the roll bar shortly (see later Cotati pictures below) after hitting the hay bale.

Laguna Seca

May 1967 - Signed by Zora Duntov in 1985 May 1967 - Note Early Roll Bar

Another Battle With Rich Sloma Bob Stays Ahead of Dick Carter's Mustang

Sears Point

Bob Lusk Is Driving Bob's 57 Corvette in Some or All of These Photos. Note the Helmet Color. Bob Always Raced with a Matador Red Helmet. Bob Lusk - Light Colored Helmet

Vaca Valley

A Neat Early Picture - Note the Early Rollbar, the Different Script for Bob's Name, the Vulcan Engineering Decal, and the Evil Eye Logo on the Rear. But I Really Like Bob's Fire Resistant Shoes. And The Vent is Open. Beating a Mustang and Plymouth Around the Turn.


The above photographs were taken by professional photographers. Antoni Cortez took most of the photographs featured above. Don Korntved snapped the picture of Bob's wreck at Cotati. I have not been able to locate any of the photographers on the internet. With the passage of time, I suspect that the photographers have retired or passed away.

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