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The Bob Dye 1957 Corvette Crash

 Bob Hitting the Hay Bale at Cotati - Circa 1967

The Crash

Bob ran in about 50 races, and had very few mishaps. The most significant mishap occurred at Cotati when a wire became entangled with a FI unit accelerator rod, thereby disabling the gas pedal while the car was at speed. Bob had no option other than to hit the brakes and take the car into a hay bale. The picture above captures the moment perfectly. Here is another pic from the opposite angle:

Bob seemed to take hitting the hale bale in stride, as evidence by the photos below:

All things considered, Bob got off pretty lucky. If hitting the hale bale was Bob's big "Crash", Bob fared pretty well over a 50 race career.

Russ Uzes
Mill Valley CA
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