Going From a 1x4 Carb to Fuel Injection

The Driving Experience

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Comparing the 1x4 to a FI unit on a low hp Powerglide car:

1. FI unit makes the car much more responsive. The car just feels quicker and more powerful.

2. I drive the car harder.

3. There is a reason why GM only sold 240 C1's with both FI units and Powerglide (102 in '57, 104 in '58, 34 in '59, and not offered in "60 or later). The FI units really kick in at higher RPM's. The two-speed powerglides rarely ever get to high RPM's. Thus, FI units and Powerglide were not really meant to go together.

4. Passing Gear is where you see the difference. Hit the throttle hard, and the Powerglide will kick down from high to low. Puts you back into the seat, from about 25 mph to 48mph or so. Big Grin. And then the car shifts back into high, and the thrill is gone.

5. Less gas smell. I think my carb was leaking a bit. But I really notice a difference going around corners and parking the car in the garage.

6. I really enjoyed driving my carb with the 1x4 setup. But now, somehow, the car is even funner to drive. Putting the FI unit on was worth every penny.