Stinson Beach - My Favorite Cruise - 25 Miles

(1959 Corvette - Powerglide - Bias Ply Tires)

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Stinson Beach is located about 25 miles north of San Franciso
Here is my route - Mill Valley to Stinson Beach

Mill Valley

Start in Mill Valley
Downtown Area
Old Train Station - Now Book Depot

Panoramic Highway to Stinson Beach

Great Mountain Road
Very Fun Drive
A Lot of Redwoods

Down to Stinson Beach

Great Views Coming Down the Hill
Two-Speed Powerglide in Action
Connecting to the Pacific Coast Highway

Stinson Beach

Stinson - Not Even a Gas Station
Entrance to the Beach Parking Lot
Don't Park Near Me!

Lunch At The Beach

Doublecheeseburger and Chocolate Shake
Looking North
Looking South

Pacific Coast Highway

Leaving the Beach
Going South Along the Coast
Looking Back at Stinson Beach

Very Rocky Coastline
Great Road For A C1
Incredible Views

A Few Pics of My Favorite Car

Powerglide Two-Speed
Bias Ply and Drums
A Real Drivers Car????

Last Stretch Along the Coast

Very Steep and Rocky
Bias Ply Tires Limit The Speed
Last Ocean Pic

Back to Mill Valley

Over the Hills - Great Road
Mill Valley Looking at Mt. Tam


Double Click on Photo to Play - 6mb file - Note the Wonderbar