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1957 Corvette - Jam Handy - Marketing FilmStrips

Filmstrip aimed at customers Filmstrip aimed at dealers and salesmen
Mac Version Windows Version Mac Version

1956-57 Original AIM - High Quality Scan

MASTER AIM -Web Version Download Page MASTER AIM - Print Version Download Page
Web version duplicates the original AIM, including foldout pages. You can also search for words and part numbers using adobe acrobat. About 170MB file. Can download individual sections. Print version offers 8.5 x 11 inch pages suitable for printing. Foldouts appear as two pages. No searching for words and part numbers. Better quality than the reproduction AIMs being sold, but suffers from the loss of foldouts pages. About 300MB file. Can download individual sections.


My 1957 original AIM differs from the reproduction AIMs currently being sold. I compared by original AIM to the copy offered by NCRS. My AIM has two sheets not found in the NCRS copy. The NCRS copy has several sheets not found in my AIM, however. The two versions also have different efffective dates on a number of sheets. To see the differences - NCRS 57 AIM Copy compared to Original 57 AIM

Given the incompleteness of the two 57 AIMs, I decided to create a single MASTER AIM that reflects all known 57 AIM sheets. Given the sharpness of detail in my original AIM, I used my original AIM as the starting point for the MASTER AIM. I used an NCRS AIM sheet if my original sheet was missing. If my original AIM and the NCRS AIM had different versions of the same sheet, I included both sheets in the MASTER AIM. I labeled the earlier version of the sheet as "PRIOR." I labeled the later version of the sheet as "UPDATED." Labels are generally in the upper left hand corner. Thus, for example, you will find two versions of Section E, Sheet 5.00 in the MASTER AIM. The first version is labeled "UPDATED" and the second version is labeled "PRIOR."

If you like your NCRS AIM copy and just want to add the missing and updated pages to that copy - Add NCRS AIM Missing Pages Download

If you printed my Original AIM and just want to add the missing and updated pages - Add Original AIM Missing Pages Download

Other C1 Downloads

A very interesting article authored by a guy who set up race cars in Southern California (like Andy Porterfield's car). Basically tells you everything you need to do to convert a stock Corvette into a race car, including where to get items like tires, traction bars, etc.

Zora authored an article on Fuel Injection early in 1957. A lengthy and very techincal article, with some interesting pictures.

1961 Corvette Race Car Prep - Yenko 1962 MacDonald Article Corvette Plastic Body


1959 Corvette Sports Car Equipment 1957 ABCs of FI 1957 Service Parts Engine Tune-Up Guide

My 1954 - Restored and Sold 

1954 Corvette (NCRS 97.9%)- SOLD

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