(Serial Number E54S003279)

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1954 Corvette - October 2005

I recently purchased my second Corvette - a 1954. I purchased the car from the original owner. The original owner purchased this car in Sacramento, California in the summer of 1954. SHE (Steffy Bransttetter) owned the car 51 years - until October 2005. The car was in Sacramento from 1954 to 1958, and then moved to Carson City, Nevada, where it remained until 2005. Steffy passed away last year.

The car has 41,900 original miles, and has most of the original parts including engine, drivetrain, radiator, etc.

The owner repainted the car and restored the interior during 1995 to 2002. Thus, the car does not qualify as a true survivor. I will finish restoring the car to original condition, and take the car thru the NCRS flight judging..

Additional Pics - October 2005