David Elie - #276 Owner


The Original Tach for #276

David Elie apparently used 3 tachs on the car - the original tach a chrome plated 1953-1954 tach, and the current late 1960s electrical Sun tach. Following the lead of Corvette racers, David mounted his tachs on the steering column.

Interestingly, the two mechanical tachs show a combined usage of 830k revs. Which ties in nicely with the mileage estimate that David gave Corvette News in July 1969 - 270k miles. #276 has the Sun Tach in the 1969 photos, and it is likely that David installed the Sun Tach in 1967 to 1969. David indicates that he did not drive the car extensively in 1967 to 1969. Thus, #276 had approximately 260k miles on it when David installed the Sun Tach. That would mean the mechanical tachs turned 830k in 260k miles, or 3.2 revs per mile. While revs to miles can have a broad range, I recall reading somewhere that 3.3 to 1 is a decent guestimate of what the relationship should be.

Painted Red to Match the Steering Column
Dash Brackets Removed
December 9 1953 Stamp Date


The Chrome Plated 2nd Mechanical Tach for #276

The Sun Tach in 1969