1953 Corvette #276 - 300,000+ Original Miles

The Car in 2007

1953 #276 As It Appears Today

Okay, 1953 #276 is not the prettiest 1953 around. The 50 year old gold paint job is really showing its age, and the interior is pretty original - seats, panels, dash, etc. #276 definitely lacks curb appeal. But to a true enthusiast, #276 contains a wealth of patina and information, showing a 53 in a rarely seen way.

An NCRS judge would have a field day judging this car. David Elie added a ton of gauges and other do-dads to this car. At first, you will see just a bunch of junk. But if you look closely, you will see a purpose for everything. David Elie owned this car a long time and drove it a lot. David Elie customized this car for performance (McGurk engine and other components, racing related gauges, 4 speed tranny, etc), for safety (fire extinguisher, racing seat belts), convenience (hardtop, extra interior lights) and fun (horns).

Exterior Pics



Trunk Pics

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