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Original, Later GM, or Reproduction???

Discerning original parts from later GM manufactured or reproduction parts can be a key factor in restoring a 1953 Corvette. Restoring a 53-55 Corvette with just original parts (like the 394 coil above) can be a very time consuming and expensive endeavor. And if you don't know original parts from later manufactured and reproduction, you can really over-spend on some parts. Trust me.

This webpages dedicated to part comparisons will be a work in progress. Please let me know of any errors you find. And please send pics of different parts.

Starting Point - GM Parts Catalogs

The Parts Catalog reflect the names and part numbers of all the parts used by Chevrolet to build the 53-55 Corvettes. Please be aware that the numbers stamped on each individual part may not be the actual part number. GM used a system of part numbers and cast numbers (the numbers stamped on the part). Many of the cast numbers are listed in the Parts Catalogs.

If a part has an asterisk next to it - that part was used on other Chevrolet cars. No asterisk - Corvette only - which often means hard to find an expensive.

I tried to make these catalogs searchable. My OCR program was not up to the task. The files are partially searchable using Adobe Acrobat.

I believe these Catalogs to be in the public domain, and are offered here soley for their educational value. Thus, no copywright laws are being violated.

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